Here’s an amazing video of our paradise. Enjoy!

We are closed, but open for new bookings for season 2021.

Metsara B&B opens again from 07.06.21!

We welcome you to enjoy beautiful Saaremaa!

Corona in Saaremaa: 08.05.21  7 infections

Oak tree in Saaremaa Orissaare village named the European Tree of the Year 2015

The Orissaare150-year-old oak tree stands in the middle of a football stadium, which was enlarged in 1951 and therefore surrounds the tree. The locals who play football, have come used to it and know how to use the tree to complete passes. The tree is located only 6 km from Metsara B&B.



Pöide Discgolf park is only 6,2 kms from METSARA B&B

1 km, 2 km and 3 km long tracks available at Pöide Discgolfi Park. You can practice your putts and drives at Metsara B&B with our disc golf goals and prepare for the full round at beautiful Pöide.


Poide discgolf park